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This Brother PC-Connectable Label Maker with Colour Display produces high-resolution outputs for clearer, more professional labels in the office. It features a full-colour graphical display with backlight and versatile labelling capabilities that include multi-line printing and extra-large characters. The label maker prints at fast speeds and features an automatic tape cutter for large jobs. Specialty templates allow for a customized label-making experience.

  • Full-colour graphical display with backlight - for true WYSIWYG experience
  • PC-Connectable: Use stand-alone, or connected to a PC or Mac for added design capabilities
  • High-resolution output: For clear, professional labelling
  • Split-back tapes: Uses durable, easy-peel, laminated tapes in widths up to 24mm
  • Easy-read text: Prints extra-large characters, almost edge-to-edge printing
  • Multi-line labels: Prints labels with up to 7 lines of text
  • Super-fast print speeds: With Automatic Tape Cutter for high-volume jobs
  • Personalize labels: Use 14 fonts, 10 styles, 99 frames, over 600 symbols, bar codes and more
  • Specialty templates: Print labels for asset management, cable labelling - even add time and date
  • Includes: 24mm "TZe" starter tape, AC power adapter and USB cable
  • List of compatible tape: Tze Tapes (3.5 - 24 mm tape size) TZeN201, TZe211, TZe111, TZe221, TZe121, TZe315, TZe325, TZe222, TZe223, TZe231, TZe131, TZe431, TZe435, TZe631, TZe731, Tze531, TZe335, TZe135, TZe232, TZe132, TZe233, TZe133, TZe334, TZeS211, TZeS221, TZeS231, TZeS131, TZeS631, TZeAF131, TZeAF231, TZeFX231, TZeFX631, TZEMPGG31, TZEMPPH31, TZEMPRG31, TZEMPSL31, TZEMQ531, TZEMQE31, TZEMQF31, TZEMQG35, TZEMQP35, TZER231, TZER234, TZERE34, TZERN34, TZERW34, TZeFA3, TZeCL3, TZe241, TZe141, TZe641, TZeB41, TZe345, TZe545, TZe242, TZe243, TZe344, TZeS241, TZeS641, TZeS941, TZeFX241, TZeCL4, TZe251, TZe151, TZe451, TZe651, TZeB51, TZe355, TZe252, TZe253, TZe354, TZeS251, TZeS151, TZeS651, TZeBA155