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The PT-D400AD is an easy to use label maker that allows you to quickly create personalized, professional-looking labels. With 14 fonts, 10 font styles, over 600 symbols plus barcodes, this versatile label maker can meet virtually all your home and office labeling needs. Just type, format with one-touch keys and print. You can even save up to 50 labels in the large memory, a great time-saving feature. With its included AC power adapter, you can be confident that your label maker will be ready when you are. The PT-D400AD works with 5 different TZe tape widths and the convenient, top-loading tape design lets you easily change tape cassette sizes and colours. Standard TZe tapes are durable and laminated, so they withstand water, heat and fading. See the Supplies & Accessories tab to view our full-line of standard and specialty TZe tapes.

  • Graphical display to View text and layout before printing
  • Supports large character printing for up to 7 font sizes
  • Uses durable, easy-peel tapes in 4 different widths up to 18mm (approx. ¾")
  • Easy-read text: Prints large characters, almost edge-to-edge printing
  • Prints labels with up to 5 lines of text
  • One-touch keys to easily add frames and other formatting features
  • Compact design with large, easy-type QWERTY keyboard
  • Personalize labels with 14 fonts, 10 styles, 99 frames, over 600 symbols, bar codes and more
  • Save up to 50 commonly used labels and help save time with reprinting
  • Includes 18mm "TZe" starter tape and AC power adapter
  • List of compatible tape: Tze Tapes (3.5 - 18 mm tape size) TZeN201, TZe211, TZe111, TZe221, TZe121, TZe315, TZe325, TZe222, TZe223, TZe231, TZe131, TZe431, TZe435, TZe631, TZe731, Tze531, TZe335, TZe135, TZe232, TZe132, TZe233, TZe133, TZe334, TZeS211, TZeS221, TZeS231, TZeS131, TZeS631, TZeAF131, TZeAF231, TZeFX231, TZeFX631, TZEMPGG31, TZEMPPH31, TZEMPRG31, TZEMPSL31, TZEMQ531, TZEMQE31, TZEMQF31, TZEMQG35, TZEMQP35, TZER231, TZER234, TZERE34, TZERN34, TZERW34, TZeFA3, TZeCL3, TZe241, TZe141, TZe641, TZeB41, TZe345, TZe545, TZe242, TZe243, TZe344, TZeS241, TZeS641, TZeS941, TZeFX241, TZeCL4